Customers’ reviews

  • Alexei Karpov
    Sales Director of “Okhtinskaya” Hotel
    I work with Reserve Master Payment system not for the first time using it for the project payment and I know perfectly what result this activity brings! Company service is very important for those hoteliers, who want to increase the income of their business and always be on the trend of new services!
  • Alexander Galochkin
    Company director “TravelLine”
    The connection of our booking module and the payment gateway of RM has already increased the number of guaranteed booking, which our partners have obtained from their sites. The advantage of payment via payment self-service kiosks and communication stores is the fact, they are a short stroll away; the majority of the population is already familiar with the payment self-service kiosks.
  • Mikhail Rolnik
    Revenue Management Coordinator
    The Riviera Hotel, Kazan
    We have started working with RM recently, as we do not have the possibility of online payment on our website. Using this simple and very convenient service, the percentage of guaranteed booking has immediately increased! It has made the life of our customers and our staff easier! A great variety of payment options: from Russian Post to payment self-service kiosks qiwi covers almost any target audience, while low cost of the services cheers people!